Next big custom shoot will be in Early Novmber 2015!!

    Sybil Starr Productions, the producers of, are very proud to produce your scripts or ideas as cost effective as possible so that the opportunity is available to all who want to direct our wrestlers/models. Please give us a month (30 days) from the time your payment is received to the time you get your video or photo sets. We try to keep our turn around time on customs as fast possible, but you never know when an emergency or challenge will come up!!    
    Customs Pricing
The pricing base is as follows:
Photos: $2 a picture (per fighter/model) with a minimum of 20 pictures ($40)
Video: $5 a minute (per fighter/model) with a minimum of a ten minute download-able clip
order ($50).
These customs may include:
    * Wrestling
* Judo
* Karate
* Bondage
* Feet/kicking
* Glamour/Hair
* Ballbusting/Self defense Scenarios
* etc
    Additional costs may include:
Additional models/Fighters
Special costumes
Special locations or backdrops
Special effects in the video
    All Scripts/Characters/Videos/Photos/Content produced by Sybil Starr Productions Studio is only licensed to sell or distribute by Sybil Starr Productions and their affiliates. We retain the rights to all that is produced by our studios. Your custom script is produced by us, and we retain the rights to it. Our customers can count on high quality down loadable products for their personal use.    
    Contact Sybil Starr with your scripts/ideas!